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Serving the Community Since the Turn of the Century

The Great Knights was nominated to the 2007 Bank of America Neighborhood Builders Initiative.

The Great Knights is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that enhances the lives of boys and girls in grades K through graduation from college by providing learning opportunities which increase the likelihood of realizing their potential.  The agency exposes them to a broad spectrum of career possibilities and life skills that will empower them to make appropriate personal and career choices as they mature. In summary -  THE GREAT KNIGHTS IS ALL ABOUT “THE QUEST.”

The Great Knights has since its founding by founder Russell Leibowitz with the assistance of Ira Leibowitz in October, 2000, been providing after school, skill focused chess centers in many school districts and providing ChessPLUS opportunities and Great Knights Institute programs (career focused programs to ready young people to make informed career and life decisions) at colleges, business and other off school district sites. 

The plan is to expand existing programs, launch its after school GK Corporate League™ and develop a volunteer and paid operational structure.

Through enjoyable, stimulating and focused experiences in collaboration with schools, colleges,  businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations, The Great Knights has developed and will continue to develop youngster’s potential by providing information, learning opportunities and an appreciation of the breadth of career possibilities.  ALL CHILDREN WHO PARTICIPATE IN GREAT KNIGHTS’ PROGRAMS ARE GREAT KNIGHTS.

The Great Knights’ Quests include:

  • insight into opportunities
  • agility in a changing world
  • passion to succeed
  • daring to try new approaches
  • good sportsmanship
  • high moral values
  • concern for others and environment
  • public spirit

warming up before The Great Knights sponsored NYS chess championship

"Warming up" before The Great Knights sponsored New York State chess championship where 900 participated

chef Spivak of NYIT's culinary art program

Chef Spivak of NYIT's culinary art program shares his expertise with "The Knights in the Kitchen"


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